My Nightmare in Georgia

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An Award-Winning, International Bestseller Based on a true story – My life story. A young woman narrates her past childhood story of growing up in a home with an abusive father. The abuse progresses as she gets older to the unimaginable. She is terrified to live in her own home and feels like there is no way out. Feeling lost and alone, she finally tells her secret to the world and ends up finding out that daddy was hiding a lot more than she could ever imagine. This book is RAW and Real. This memoir is to help those who have survived know they are not alone with their battle against child abuse, child sexual abuse, rapists, and pedophiles. It also gives useful information about what happens to a survivor in the aftermath. What doctors and psychologists don’t want you to know about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the rare diseases it can bring on. Survivors need to know that child abuse can affect them later in life. From mental health to mental illnesses. This story explains it all.

“So, Lindsey, how do you sleep at night?”
What do you mean, Jenny?” I was confused by the question.
“Do you have flashbacks? Nightmares?” I nodded my head and locked eyes with her.
“Both.” I shrugged a shoulder.
“Are you having a tough time sleeping?”
“Do you know why?”
I leaned forward. “You know when you are little, and you want to keep the boogeyman out, so you ask your parents if you can sleep with the door open?” She peered at me as if I was freaking her out.
“Yes,” she replied softly.
“I wanted to sleep with my door closed and locked, to keep the boogeyman from coming in.”
“How does that answer my question of how you sleep at night, Lindsey,” she questioned with a shaky voice.
“Because sometimes I lay awake at night thinking about the horrible things that the boogeyman did to me.”



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